6 Surprising Things That Happen To Tattoos As You Get Older

Deciding whether or not to get a tattoo or any other form of body modification is a personal choice that often (but not always) comes along with quite a bit of preparation, thought, and consideration. But for all the thought about what kind of tattoo you want to get, where you think the tattoo should go, who should be the artist to ink you, and how you need to prepare for and then care for your tattoo, there might not be quite as much thought about some of the more surprising things that happen to tattoos as you get older. At least, not beyond the fact that, unless you have them removed successfully, they'll age as you do.

Although you might not think that it's worthwhile to overly stress about the ways in which the aging process or other decisions you make over the course of your life might affect the way your tattoo looks — and in some ways, you'd be right — it's still probably useful to spend at least a little bit of time thinking that through if you think that you want to get a tattoo. Many tattoos can touched up and there are plenty of things you can do to care for them over the course of your life to keep them looking the best that they can, so you might not want to let that completely dissuade you from getting that tattoo you've long-wanted. Knowing about some of the other things that can happen to your tattoo as you age, however, especially things that you maybe wouldn't have thought to consider, can help you make an even more informed decision and enable you to know what you might want to expect or keep an eye out for later on down the line.