Application Of Tattoo Machine In Human Body

At present, the so-called surface electronic equipment is also known as "electronic Tattoo", the basic is still in the experimental stage, the idea is that we are familiar with the electronic device, by chip, antenna, memory and other components, directly attached to the human body surface, such as monitoring surface temperature, display user identity and so on The monitoring of the body surface temperature, can let the doctor, the polygraph and so on the work is simpler Tattoo Machine

While the identity authentication function lets the ID card, the credit card, even the car key gone forever, as long as swings the sleeve, may take the thing which you want to take away, is more safe and convenient than the two Tattoo Machine The prospect of this technology is tempting, and it is likely to redefine the future of wearable electronic devices, which, with the further development of technology, may not be a dream to move the entire computer to the surface of the human skin. Since all this looks beautiful, why did the study stay in the experimental stage?Tattoo Machine

Because electronic tattoos in terms of energy supply, there is a big bottleneck: the inability to manufacture or store energy in itself, the microwaves that can only be emitted through third-party devices (as in the home microwave oven), but the external energy supply is cumbersome and unstable-which obviously limits the evolution of electronic tattoos, Because complex functions are destined to require stability and sufficient energy supply to support.Tattoo Machine

Some devices are always too big and hard for human skin, can you imagine a small dumbbell on your arm just to keep your body temperature under control? So a good electronic tattoo of the first step, is to be able to spontaneously, wearing lightweight and comfortable and best able to fit the human skin power supply.Tattoo Machine