British Tattoos Tattoo Cover The Whole Body And Eyeballs And Mouth.

British Tattoos tattoo cover the whole body and eyeballs and mouth.

British men are fond of tattoos and engraved tattoos into their eyeballs and inside their mouth, and plan to cover the whole body with tattoos to show their love for the art of tattoos, according to the mirror of the United Kingdom in February 25th.


Eli Ink, a British tattoo artist, is probably the most densely tattooed man in the world at the age of 27. In the past 10 years, he has carved tattoos in every corner of his skin in black ink. Now he is considering tattooing his eyeballs. There are also special ornaments on both sides of the nose and the lower lip, which are part of the whole tattoo. Ellie said that her tattoo and transformation were carefully considered, and everything she did was an interpretation of her personality.

When it came to who brought Ellie into the tattoo, Ellie said she was fascinated by the tribal tattoos on the arm of her uncle who had been returned from Spain. Eli said, "when I saw the pattern, I was instantly attracted to the whole person. I never expected others to understand my way of doing things. I only appreciated what I did. In addition to that, Picasso has become a source of Eli's artistic inspiration, because Eli now looks black and is getting closer to a surreal figure in Picasso's painting. Eli told reporters: "Picasso has always been the source of my artistic inspiration since I was a child, especially his abstract art. I want to be a character in Picasso's painting. I like to express myself abstractly without thinking and expressing myself simply.

Although there was a risk of physical transformation, it did not affect Eli's enthusiasm, but he made Eli more fond of the field, and decided to let go and give up the original gardening art to full time tattoos. Now Eli is learning how to rebuild the earlobe and how to create scar tattoos, as he said himself, life never stops, and is willing to spend a lifetime learning how to rebuild his body and optimize his tattoos.