Details Of How The Tattoo Machine Works

   Tattoo Machine Detailed Description: 1, Shrapnel: New composite steel, with anti-fatigue, continuous work 10 hours of elasticity unchanged. 2, the import standard copper wire 10 coils as well as the 47uf capacitance value, the machine stable Operation 3, the electric wire: medical silicone Tube, has a fire grade 4, special Iron Core: Continuous work for 10 hours, permanent magnetic stability, no hot 5, operating voltage-starting voltage 4v start 6v 8v work machine frame carved, after high temperature treatment, all hand-polished, detailed production exquisite, color smart. Speed 35000/min, performance is extremely stable, not hot, is the first choice for professional tattoo artist.Tattoo Machine
   Early tattoo machine equipment rough, mostly handmade, handmade manufacturing costs, a single pattern, when the electric tattoo machine beats 1000 times per minute, only thorns and skin epidermis, depth only 0.8-1 mm. Now the manufacture of tattoo machine has reached the point of perfection, electric tattoo machine beats 30,000 times a minute, large-scale production and processing has made the price of tattoo machine, the number of tattoo practitioners around the world has also increased.Tattoo Machine
   Tattoo machine through the middle voltage regulator, transformers, the external access to 220V alternating current into the voltage value between 3-20v DC, in the 3-20v DC voltage, two main line and EFI point between the instantaneous suction, spraying, with the help of the tattoo machine spring film reciprocating movement, led to the tattoo needle to produce high-speed up and down, reciprocating movement. One of the biggest benefits of this type of work is that it does not have to take into account the loss of motor and motor power because it is not driven by motor and motor, so it can produce high speed and large torsion. Electric tattoo machine allows the clustering of several pins relative to the tension of the configuration. It sells very widely, with its ability to quickly tattoo bold black lines and heavy shadows. If there is a stylistic logo of American tattoos, black lines and shadows are its heart, is a basic but vibrant blue, red, green and yellow palette.Tattoo Machine