Development Trend Of Rotating Machinery Fault Diagnosis

             The condition monitoring of large rotating machinery can improve the accuracy of large-scale rotary machinery fault diagnosis, and the vibration monitoring and fault diagnosis techniques of large-scale rotating machinery mainly include the development of rotor vibration monitoring system, vibration signal processing and analysis technology, and rotor fault diagnosis technology.Rotary Machine

             With the rapid development of modern big industry, petrochemical, power, aviation, metallurgy, energy and engineering machinery and other industries widely used in various types of large-scale rotary machinery such as centrifugal compressors, turbo-generators, fans, water turbines and gas turbines, increasingly to the larger, high-speed, automatic, long period of continuous operation direction. The normal operation of all kinds of rotating machinery can not only create great material wealth for the country, but also produce great social benefits.Rotary Machine

             Due to equipment quality defects, improper maintenance and operation errors will cause large-scale rotary machinery failure, and then affect the stability of the rotary machinery operation, threatening the production of safety, and even cause equipment downtime, process interruption, resulting in serious economic losses. According to statistics, in 1992-1993, the domestic 17 sets of urea plant fault parking amounted to 549 times, parking 957 days, equivalent to 3 sets of urea plant production capacity of the _ one years, the largest set of devices to park 67 times, a total of 1 days, direct economic loss of hundreds of millions of yuan. 1995 Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company's generator set due to several forced start, causing the rotor bending too large and scrap, to wine and Jiayuguan caused nearly billion economic losses. Therefore, the development and development of advanced large-scale rotating machinery condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system, in order to ensure the safety of these key equipment, high efficiency, long period of operation, to avoid huge economic losses and catastrophic accidents, has great economic value.Rotary Machine