Equipment Work Of Rotary Machine

Early, people generally use a variety of cranes and conveyors to complete the loading and unloading work. With the increasing of loading and unloading work, the loading and unloading machinery which can pick up the material gradually appears.Rotary Machine 

At the beginning of 19th century, a single bucket loader appeared. In the middle of 19th century there was a trackless loading and unloading machine equipped with crawler-operated devices. The 1920s appeared the dumper and Crab Harrow Loaders. After the Second World War, container transportation developed, and container-carrying bridge and gantry crane were successively appeared. Hoisting vehicles play an increasingly important role in loading and unloading work.Rotary Machine

Nevertheless, cranes or conveyors are still used to complete loading and unloading operations in areas where there is a small amount of loading and unloading. At this point, it is difficult to separate the loading and unloading machinery from the cranes, conveyors and handling vehicles. Loading and unloading machinery according to the different materials can be divided into bulk material handling machinery and pieces of goods handling machinery. According to the structure type can be divided into fixed and operating type two types, the operation of the other is divided into two types of rail-type and trackless.Rotary Machine

When loading and unloading machinery for vehicles, the whole railway gondola car is generally used as a high rack silo or loader, a single bucket loader and a crab harrow loader. Unloading, in addition to the end of the door open vehicles, there are cranes hanging grab grab material, dumper unloading and unloading machine from the compartment of the material to unload several methods. There are many kinds of unloading machines.Rotary Machine 

The chain bucket is taken from the gondola and the material is lifted and unloaded to a horizontal, bidirectional belt conveyor, which is thrown on the outer side of the unloading machine track. The lifting mechanism of chain bucket is a set of drum pulley group, which can make the operation ability of the chain bucket hoist lifting chain bucket unloading machine generally under 300 ton/time. Its disadvantage is the bottom of the car often residue materials, unloading dust.Rotary Machine