How To Install A Tattoo Needles

             Insert the new tattoo needle slowly into the handle system in the sterilized tattoo machine. Be careful not to let the needle touch anything, including the tube wall and edge of the needle nozzle, and then insert the handle system into the lock in front of the rack and tighten the screws with your fingers. Now, let us recall, because to prevent the pigment condensation, but also easy to clean the needle mouth, the tip of the needle mouth is generally oblique openings. This is an available, clean needle mouth. This opening should always be to the front of the machine, not the back or the side.Tattoo Needles

             Note that the end of the pin has a circle, and this circle wears more than one pin-tail rubber pad mounted to the end of the armature. Carefully observe the tip welding characteristics, then you should understand that the needle tip is installed in the nozzle should be close to the needle mouth under the split, so as to prevent the tattoo process needle jitter, can also be the needle and the side of the adsorption of a large number of tattoo pigment, easy to work. The correct position of the pin is determined, this time we can use 1, 2 elastic rubber bands to pull the needle, so that the needle as close to the lower wall of the needle mouth, to prevent the work of the tattoo needle jitter. Now the tattoo equipment has been basically assembled together. The needle nozzle needs the best correction, which is to change the length of the external tip at the end of the needle tip. Press the armature downward to make it rely on the online loop, hold it up, adjust the needle nozzle up and down so that it reaches the appropriate length.Tattoo Needles

             Let go of the armature, so that it can bounce and lean against the top of the wire, and the needle will not reveal the tip of the needle at this point. Make sure the opening of the needle mouth is on the front and tighten the screws. Now that the machine is assembled, you can start a real tattoo. Check whether the machine is pulling the tattoo needle to run, whether the needle is doing the right up and down movement. A good tattoo can be made only if the needle is strictly up and down, sometimes shaking or shaking. Start the tattoo machine to check if this is the case. If so, the problem should be solved as soon as possible, so that the line can be guaranteed to be stable and smooth when tattoo.Tattoo Needles