Hundreds Of Russians Have Stuffed Tattoos With The Domino Logo For Lifelong Pizza.

Hundreds of Russians have stuffed tattoos with the Domino logo for lifelong pizza. But not everyone will get it.

Dominos Pizza in Russia offered life-long pizza to customers who will tattoo it with its logo. Apparently, the company did not expect that in the very first days of the action the number of participants would exceed three hundred and the promo would have to be urgently curtailed. Customers who are not in the first 350 lucky ones are now indignant, and even the Western press writes about the ambiguous share of Russian promoters.

In Russia, they love pizza, but they love pizza even more. One of the proofs is that this year the residents of the country at least twice lined up in kilometer linesbehind her during the promotions of the Dodo company. The second confirmation can be considered the action "Domino Pizza", which recently offered a hundred years to feed customers who have tattooed with the company logo.

The company announced the start of the action on August 31. "Domino" on its page in "VKontakte"  and other social networks promised that "every participant who has tattooed the logo will receive a certificate for a free pizza for 100 years." To take part, you had to make a real tattoo with the Domino's Pizza logo (you could beat it as you like), take a photo of the result and publish it on VKontakte, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag # dominos forever

On September 3, PR specialists clarified the conditions of the competition In particular, an explanation appeared that, in the company's opinion, the concept of “lifelong pizza” means: “certificate for 100 gift promotional codes a year for 100 years with the right to purchase any free average pizza in the territory of the Russian Federation”