Indians In The Eyes Of The Totem And Tattoos

Indian Totem, has a history of thousands of years deep. In an era of no pigment, Indian imagination drawing for unknown phenomena of matter, life, and nature, they myth to construct their own Kingdom. They collected from lands, colored crystal of rock painting, with blackened carbon black pigment, oil out of salmon eggs, mixed with saliva, as a brick-red color. As with our First Nations, Indian nature all of them unknown, exaggerated fear and vigilance. They exaggerate the eyes and body proportions, and the personification of natural phenomena, and the Totem symbol of Indian ethnic clothing and, therefore made the present Indian Totem. Earliest Indian Totem just in stone, mountain, wood carving, or head of family-owned land above. Amount of totems and the patterns that appear symbol has the status, wealth, authority and personality.