Intelligent Tattoos Can Make The Skin A Health Tracker

Intelligent tattoos can make the skin a health tracker

Health tracking devices like smart watches have a common problem: they are not really attached to you, you can only rely on a short battery and a wireless connection, even a self powered patch has its limitations. This is where Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology think they can help: they have developed an intelligent tattoo that can effectively place a health sensor on a user's skin without electricity or wireless connections.


The ink on the tattoo will react to the chemical composition of the user's tissue fluid to reflect the state of the blood. When the athletes dehydrate, the green ink becomes stronger, and when the other green ink becomes brown, the blood sugar level of the diabetic is rising.

Unlike other tattoos we've seen before, this intelligent tattoo does not always show up, and scientists hope to show it when you need to see a tattoo, and at other times, they are invisible unless some kind of light is affected, so you don't need to explain to your friends. The meaning of some ink. If you're not sure what the symbols on your arms mean, smart phone apps can analyze them and tell you exactly what the tattoo represents.

This smart tattoo project can not only inspire the potential of artists and scientists, but also solve some other problems. If you're tired of tying equipment to your arms or wrists to quantify your health, this tattoo will probably make you feel better. In addition, a tattoo can clearly reflect the current blood condition, so we don't need to wear other fitness tracking devices anymore.