Lens Cleaning Of Tattoo Machine

     The impact of the tattoo machine on the effect of washing the factors: the tattoo is good to wash depends on the size of the tattoo pattern, location and the use of color material quality, removal area larger, color heavy pattern, according to most of the tattoo division, the black easy to wash away, the color of the difficult to point, to be washed many times. Tattoo Machine

     This is the light coagulation method "in the use of Q Based on the technology of neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser, the use of different wavelengths of laser can selectively operate, so that the skin is not damaged "said light injection into the dermis, the pigment particles into powder, so that the high jump between them, and then be absorbed by macrophages and clear" if the tattoo pattern color is deeper, you can repeat many times.Tattoo Machine

     Constantly changing the wavelength of light. The pattern of professional tattoo artist is more easily removed. Because they have the same shade of skin, the other is the tattoo needle used in the professional tattoo shop, the needle mouth is a

sex, color and color cups are also replaced every time, so as to eliminate the risk of infection.Tattoo Machine

     It is strictly forbidden to check and clean the output lens in the boot state, to replenish cooling water: After 2-3 months of general use, attention is paid to observing the cooling water level from the water level observation hole. If the cooling water level is below the waterline (under shutdown), inject water into the water tank with a syringe from the cover hole to the water line position.Tattoo Machine

    Coolant must be distilled water! It is recommended to use a hospital preparation distilled water or other brand purified waters, and keep in mind that water or other substandard foreign water is not available. Special NOTE: This machine has the anti-interference measure in the software program, when turning on, the computer may automatically reset and the system restarts when the suspended state is converted to preparation state or when the outside interference is too large. In case of an unexpected power outage, the software program of this machine has a protection function, and then the boot is generally a minute later.Tattoo Machine