Mechanical Slewing Of Rotary Machine

Because of the difference in shape, size, weight and surface characteristics of injection molding, the hand of the injection manipulator has many forms, which can be divided into two types: clamping type and adsorption type.Rotary Machine 

The main form of clamping hand is clamp-clamp, which is often used to grab products that are not easily broken or deformed, and it has a greater adaptability to the shape of the products they grab. The gripper hand is composed of a finger, a transmission mechanism and a driving device.Rotary Machine

The driving system of injection manipulator can be divided into two categories, such as pneumatic drive and electric drive, and can be driven by the combination system of the above two kinds according to the work requirement.Rotary Machine

According to the load of the manipulator to determine the type of drive system, generally speaking, the heavy load can choose the power Drive system, light load optional pneumatic drive system. The pneumatic drive system is used for the injection manipulator with point-position control.Rotary Machine 

It is necessary to use the electric power Drive system for the manipulator with servo control. Attention should be paid to the manipulator and injection molding machine coordination of action to ensure that the robotic gripper after leaving the mold, the injection molding machine and the manipulator can continue their actions, thus reducing the time wasted; Should pay attention to control manipulator speed, that is to enable the manipulator to meet the requirements of the minimum cycle of injection molding, There is a need to consider whether the impact of inertia and vibration.Rotary Machine

Due to the working medium on the surface of the parts of the erosion, impact caused by the reduction of the size of the part is called erosion, the two contact parts working surface of the relative sliding caused by wear and tear on the part surface layer is called wear. The design stress is too large or the structural shape is not appropriate, there is a great stress concentration. Parts of the material due to casting, forging, welder art is not suitable for local defects (shrinkage, crack, coarse grains).Rotary Machine