Necessary Knowledge Of Tattoo Accessories

   The design developed the first motor machine concept machine. The original intention was that he felt that some traditional tattoo machine defects, and defects are basically consistent, low efficiency.Tattoo Accessories
   Motor machine will be strength, feel and luxurious integration. 1 Each machine is hand-made, using the world's top Swiss motor, low noise, durable stability; 2 space aluminum shell, body forming fuselage, light weight. The machine frame uses the human body engineering design curve appearance structure, the classical esthetic appearance; 3 the slider composition, the transmission pole connection, the bearing drive, up and down operation, under the spring unloading force, the simple precision. Unique PIN system, discard rubber bands, the use of a fixed needle stick hook-and-pin system, so that the strength of the transmission more stable. Strong and soft, long-term stability, the pigment can be delivered to the exact position; 4) 3.5mm 4.2mm two pin lengths are available, and the whole machine weighs only 3.8oz. No need to adjust the motor, the machine provides the right strength, this way more natural, let you better understand the motor machine, this way is called "Self strength."Tattoo Accessories
   Ultra light weight, through ergonomics design will be the body weight diversion to the handle. With unique PIN system. CNC Finishing process of the rack, to ensure that each motor machine Seiko secret agents, the strength, feel and luxurious integration into one. On the surface, each machine is manually assembled to ensure accurate adaptation and function. The anodic oxidation of each motor machine conforms to the aviation industry standard, whether it is smooth or chamfer. Mada used the "Double needle clamp Device" to replace the rubber band before using a fixed tattoo needle, "Double needle clamp device" can be better fixed tattoo needle, avoid the needle transverse movement, so that the tattoo division can make a better detail of the tattoo works. For color, fog, general use 7.5-8.5V voltage, for secant, the general use of 8-7v voltage, depending on the individual's hand speed and style.Tattoo Accessories