Needles For Tattoo Accessories

           (a) Single needle: Usually used in the shape of the delicate place, the advantages are easy to control, sharp enough to enter the needle, the strength does not have to be too heavy, so the speed of the tattoo machine does not adjust too fast, too sharp too fast to damage the skin overweight, slow speed control is very good, slowly can puncture a very delicate figure. The disadvantage is that the pigment with a single needle into the skin very little, large-color block area is not suitable for a single needle to stab, infiltration of pigment will not be thick enough, and the completion of the work will be long, and if the Tan speed secant, we must pay attention to the hand and the tattoo machine fit to move, if the depth or pause too long, because the single needle too fast to cut a lot of micro-blood vessels, pigments will infiltrate into the micro-blood vessels too much and cause the phenomenon of halo.

          (two) Three needles: this kind of needle is the needle end of three needles combined into a single needle end, using the gap between the needle and needle to leave more pigments, puncture into the skin will have a very good infiltration effect, suitable for use in the shape of the tattoo contour.

          (iii) Round stitch: Combined with multiple needles to form cylindrical round needles, the same in the needle and needle between the gap will be stained with more pigments, and more needles to form a needle surface, with five-pin theory, adjustable speed can be stabbed out of the thicker lines, slow speed can also play small details of the light and shade, 10-pin above, can quickly puncture a large area of the color block, here is a point to note that when multiple needles form a needle surface, the whole surface of the force area is large, naturally not easy to puncture into the skin, will be stabbed in the shallow layer of the skin, In the shallow fog and light and dark levels of color is very good use, but if deliberately stab deep will thus wear bad skin surface and color effect, so not suitable for deep skin layer of the Thorn method.Tattoo Accessories

          (iv) Single row of needles: many needles combined into a single row of needles, mostly from four to six needles, the needle has the combination of single needle and round needle advantages, easy to enter the needle, puncture into the pigment infiltration is enough, can be at least the "thorn number" to puncture more than the number of needles in the round needle pigment quantity, but the benefit is not suitable to pierce the whole surface of the skin color block.

          (v) Double row stitch: With multiple needles into a double row needle, example five needle single row needle, will two or four two needles to stir fixed into two rows, five stitches above the two-row needle and so on, double row Needle has a strong single row of the shortcomings of the needle, from the needle spread into scattered needle points, more than a single row of needles to puncture the average area of the entire color, which is the most commonly used needle species, a point must be noted, usually in more than 13 stitches will have affected by the force surface, the skin will be oppressed and form a concave shape, and the too wide needle will be forced on both sides of the needle. , may prick out the uneven color, therefore in 13 stitches above some will make it to be able to paste into the circular arc to be suitable for the skin to be formed the concave shape, if does not stick into the circular arc, as long as can the skin as far as possible.Tattoo Accessories

          (vi) More than three rows of needles: mostly used in large area of color block, as far as I know, the use of this needle tattoo division is less, to Japanese tattoo division for many, should be a Japanese hand tattoo with a needle habit, the effect of a very dense layer of color, better than the effect of the round needle.

          (vii) The thickness of the needle and the length of the tip: The needle is now commonly used from 0 to 0 in diameter. 4mm have, weight in addition to single needle difference, many needles in each needle and each needle gap between the gaps will be different, the rules than the thick, the effect of the thorn will not be the same, dense people can not easily stab into the shallow, otherwise deep. The length of the tip is the same as the weight. About (vii) This is important, its impact covers all kinds of needles, many new needles are based on this and the relationship between the skin as the direction of thinking, this principle needs to be well understood.Tattoo Accessories