New Coil Machine:Embossment Brian Tattoo Machine

Embossment Brain Tattoo Machine

Item No.1101306-2

Starter Embossment Brain Tattoo Machine for Liner Shader

 The good machine are deserved to be excellent ones as our people are capable to do.This machine is very nice for the starter and master to make and practise tattooing.

Technical & Details

1.High grade of brass front and rear binding post sets.It is set up for durable use.

2.Full machine frame is molded by artistic processing.
3.Speical construction of machine frame preset up for liner and shader working.
4.Double Ten wraps wire by hand winded and connected with the high duty of 47uf,63V capacitor.

5.The conventional vice tube clamp is flexible and durable for tighten the tubes.

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