Notes After Tattoo

Notes after tattoo:

1. Three to four hours after the tattoo is completed, clean the tattoo area with warm water, bath liquid is available, then dry with a sanitary towel, keep dry, and wash daily.Take a shower, not a bath.

2, do not smear any ointment other than tattoo ointment, so as not to cause color loss, destroy the overall beauty.

3, before the tattoo has not healed, not swimming, sauna, sun, sea.

4, three to five days of scab, peeling, itchy are normal phenomena, do not scratch, such as the natural fall off the scab.Skin lotion can be used appropriately at this point.

5, tattoo if the tattoo in the joint or easy to be pulled out of the part, when the scab should pay attention to action should not be too large, to avoid scab split, affect the beauty of the future.