Optimum Design Of Rotary Machinery

   Rotary support is widely used in the real industry, known as the "machine joints." Rotary support is the relative rotation between the two objects, but also need to bear the axial force, radial force, tipping moment of the necessary mechanical transmission components. With the rapid development of the machinery industry, slewing support in the ship equipment, engineering machinery, light industry machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, industrial machinery and other industries have been widely used.

    Rotary support the production process and the application of slewing support in the course of the work of abnormal sound, is not the lack of oil problems, may be part of the rotary support defective or damaged, to stop the rotation support work to conduct a comprehensive and comprehensive inspection. Often used in a variety of construction machinery industry, in the port and the ship will choose to use it.Rotary Machine

    Because the slewing support in the production process to go through the selection - processing - heat treatment - quenching - cooling processing - inspection - packaging and other processes to make, and after the production of professional inspection, to be officially enabled.Rotary Machine

    For the slewing bearing we should be very familiar with it, there is a lot of knowledge about the slewing ring, we need to be designed before the slewing bearing is made, and the optimization design of the slewing bearing.

The optimal design selection method and the influence of the gear mechanism on the working performance of the rotary gear are helpful to the design, installation and use of the slewing ring. Engineering machinery products market is very personalized, different applications and the use of demand for the same type of product structure and function have different requirements. Rotary support device is generally an important part of a variety of crawler-type construction machinery, its design strength and dynamic characteristics will be directly related to the performance of the machine and the use of safety.Rotary Machine

   In the construction machinery industry, the slewing bearing device is expensive, the replacement repair is difficult, so the early failure of the slewing bearing is the failure phenomenon that the production enterprise and the user can not accept. Domestic and foreign scholars in the gear dynamics, slewing bearing load conditions, slewing ring fault diagnosis technology, gear deformation factors and life analysis and other fields to carry out research, and has made many achievements. But most of the research is not from the rotation of the individual support of the actual conditions, from the design point of view to carry out the selection of rotary support and gear design parameters to optimize the design, it is difficult to fundamentally solve the problem of rotation support teeth.Rotary Machine