S Long Hair Very Hot? Hair Tattoos!

Is long hair very hot? Hair tattoos!

Guys and girls, uh, well, the heat! And if the hair is long also? Yes, even if not very long - it's still terribly hot with them ... Well, does not really cut off your wealth for three months in a year?

Masters from the Tardis like salon offer a very powerful option for this: Hair Tattoo or a "graphic drawing on the hair". In other words, this is the shaving of the desired pattern on the back of the head or on the temples. And if you want, then the hair tattoo can also be painted in any colors!


Hair Tattoo looks beautiful and out-of-the-box, suitable for everyone. If necessary - hide under the main mass of hair. I would like to - change the pictures every month! And most importantly - with such a chip is very comfortable in any heat!