Smoking + Tattoos + Scar Head!

Smoking + tattoo + scar head! The meat chopper lost the world cup and has a sad childhood.

Belgian midfielder Na Ying Ge Lan missed this summer's World Cup, which many Belgian fans feel puzzled. Nainggolan, in the interview, also showed his own personality. He said he would be away from the football world after retiring and revealed that he was abandoned by his father.


Nainggolan first said, "the failure to participate in the world cup is a very hard blow for me because I have missed a world cup." The 2014 World Cup Nainggolan was also on the Belgian list, but he was playing in Cagliari at the time, while Nainggolan was currently playing in Rome in Serie A and in the semi-final of the Champions League last season, so the disappointing World Cup made him more disappointed.


Nainggolan went on to say, "after finishing my career, I will not want to have anything to do with the football world anymore. There are too many good yes gentlemen here. And I always say my thoughts and feelings, which may bring me problems, but I always do. I will live seriously tomorrow, and every day can become the best time of my life. I am a professional player. I train hard, and I am a father who takes my children to school in the morning.

Nainggolan has many tattoos all over the body, and one of the dollar tattoos has attracted much attention. Nainggolan explained the meaning of the tattoo. "It was in Las Vegas, and I lost a lot of money a day. Then I told myself that I had to tattooed so that I could remember this day."


The unique Nainggolan childhood was not happy. "My father left us, three of our children stayed at home, and my mother had to work hard to repay the debt. She worked 10 hours a day to earn 1300 euros a month. Sometimes we eat the same thing three days a week, and maybe there is no electricity in a month. "

"After I went to Italy to play football, I couldn't go. After playing for 6 months, I wanted to go home, but my brother persuaded me to stay in Italy. I earn 1400 euros a month in Pescara and can send 500 euros to my mother.


Nainggolan also talked about his recent meeting with his father. "I went to Indonesia four years ago, and I wanted to give him another chance. Because I was also a father at that time, so I wanted to forgive him. But that meeting was terrible. He just asked me for some money and then turned away