Snail Tattoo Machine

             Snail tattoo machine mainly by the optical path system, power system, computer control system, cooling system and so on. The optical path system is installed in the operation handle shell, and the power supply, control and cooling system are installed in the power supply chassis. Main technical parameters: Laser type: Q Nd: YAG solid laser; laser output wavelength: 1064nm/532nm (install 532nm Converter); energy density: 1-100mj/cm; repetition frequency: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6Hz; cooling mode: air-cooled + water-cooled; power supply: single-phase 220v/10a.Tattoo Machine

             Name and function of each part ①, emergency stop switch: When an accident occurs, press hard, no laser output, the whole machine power off. Then click the emergency stop switch, so that the rebound reset, the whole machine to restore power, you can use normal. ②, key switch: The total machine power switch, clockwise rotation is the boot, counterclockwise for shutdown, the whole machine power off. ③, the first button: Press this button, the machine into the preparation state. ④, second key: Press this button to adjust the energy parameters. ⑤, the third key: press this key to adjust the energy parameters. ⑥, Fourth key: Press this key, adjust the light frequency. ⑦, foot switch interface: That is, pedal switch to insert this port, control the output of the laser. ⑧, Insurance tube seat: Install 10A, φ5x20 insurance tube. ⑨, Power input socket: AC 220V voltage input jack, plugged into a randomly equipped power cord.Tattoo Machine

             The eyebrow wash machine uses the gem to adjust the Q mode, uses the laser instantaneous launches the high energy effective smashing pathological change tissue pigment. namely laser blasting principle: The laser gathers the high energy instantaneous launch, causes the fixed wavelength laser to penetrate the epidermis in very short time (only 6ns) momentarily to reach the diseased tissue, quickly crushed the corresponding pigment, the corresponding pigment regiment heats up the rapid expansion instantaneous bursting the fragmentation, part (superficial epidermis) the pigment regiment ejects in succession, part (based on the organization) The pigment regiment breaks into the fine granule which can be swallowed by the human body macrophages, after digesting by the Macrophage cell, finally through the human body's lymphatic system circulation eduction body outside, The pigment of diseased tissue will gradually fade to disappear, and the surrounding normal skin tissue does not cause any damage because of the laser without absorbing fixed wavelength.Tattoo Machine