Special Tattoo Sexy

Under normal circumstances, we do not recommend that marks a special place. Palm is the most thick epidermal layer of the body of the foot where even color stick, also with skin healed following skin to peel off. Therefore, hand tattoo, it's hard to one full color, all after a few pattern after the restore, recovery after the pattern, and then restored, lines, after several rounds of paint, is it possible to get a satisfactory pattern. The pattern with the pattern elsewhere in the body, it will be a lot worse.
Above his head, I don't exclude, but the lines on your face is not recommended, because it will have on your future life and work caused great disruption and inconvenience. To be fully finished to be considered, there are tattoo parlors will certainly remind you of professional ethics, if you must line, that way ...

Was also in the mouth tattoos, tattoo tattoo and Palm, is one of those difficult coloring tattoos is not generally recommended.

Privacy where there is a woman can do lines?, lines up special sexy and feminine, young girl, you still want your boyfriend will like it, but I estimate that the average man would prefer privacy tattoo

More suited to mature and open-minded attractive women, but there is a drawback it hurts Oh! didn't know you want sexy or pain Oh!