Speech To Text For Tattoo Fundraiser

tattoo shop is giving people ink while giving back to a family in puerto rico affected by hurricane irma. kimt news three's calyn thompson joins us live from outside the tattoo shop to tell us more - calyn? xxx tattoos-lintro-2 katie - i'm outside of corpus opus tattoo studio in austin. it's usually closed on mondays but it's day one of a two-day tattoo marathon to raise money for a family in need. xxx tattoos-lpkg-1 tattoos-lpkg-2 ink going on skin... all for a good cause. the proceeds from these tattoos are all going to this family in puerto rico after they were hit by hurricane irma. owner misty chastain wants people to know these tattoos show others that they care. tattoos-lpkg-3 what we do is more than just slapping tattoos on people, it's... we care about the investment of our clients and of course aside from all of that, we like i said just want to stay involved with the community. tattoos-lpkg-4 people wanting to participate can choose a sailor jerry inspired design and donate a minimum 40 dollars. tattoos-lpkg-6 blane lichtenwalter saw today as an opportunity. tattoos-lpkg-7 i saw that it was for a good cause and it's like how can you pass that up? come get a tattoo, good deal, good cause. tattoos-lpkg-8 though it can be painful for some... chastain says this is a way for them to use their talents to give back. i felt like why not use tattooing as a means to help others like we usually do, which is what we do with the warrior ink project. that's where they give veterans tattoos for free. another way these artists to show their work and their gratitude. i want it to be more than just the tattoo, we really care about people and it shows. / the effort will run until 10 o'clock tonight...and again tomorrow starting at noon until 10 p- m. live in austin - calyn thompson - kimt news 3. / thank you calyn. organizers are thinking about overflow days if there's more interest outside today and tomorrow. tattoos-tag-2 you can find their contact information with this story on kimt dot com under local news