Tattoo Accessories

              The company has a sound production plant, advanced production equipment, a full range of professional management and technical personnel. Companies in the production process of continuous learning and accumulation of experience, has gradually realized the quality management system, production standardization, information management network of health management model for the stable production of products to provide a reliable guarantee. The company mainly produces high-grade tattoo machine, motor machine, disposable needle mouth, stainless steel needle mouth, tattoo color material, tattoo power supply, foot, hook line, pattern handle, tattoo books, tattoo transfer series, health products: needle pad, disposable shaver, needle mouth brush, disinfection bag, auxiliary equipment: Tattoo pen, tattoo machine sets, tattoo rack, needle mouth rack, handle rack, hand rack, display rack, practice skin and so on.Tattoo Accessories

             Companies in the enterprising spirit of truth-seeking, and constantly develop fashionable, fine workmanship fashion tattoo equipment, on the basis of quality assurance for business customers to provide satisfactory, first-class, professional products and services. The enterprise since its inception, has been sincere "to serve the foundation to the quality of survival, in good faith and development" purposes, for the vast number of customers services, to create greater profit margins for our clients. The company with a number of retailers and agents set up a long-term and stable relations of cooperation. Company distribution of the tattoo equipment range, reasonable price, welcome new and old customers to visit the company guidance business, let us work together with you to forge ahead, create brilliance!Tattoo Accessories

              Tattoo machine through the middle voltage regulator, transformers, the external access to 220V alternating current into the voltage value between 3-20v DC power, in the 3-20v DC voltage, two main line and EFI point between the instantaneous suction, spraying, with the help of the tattoo machine spring film reciprocating movement, led to the tattoo needle to produce high-speed up and down, reciprocating movement. The benefit of this type of work is that because of the motor, motor-driven, do not have to take into account the motor, motor power loss, so can produce high speed, large torque. Work tattoo needle high-speed and uniform puncture epidermis layer, tattoo pigment implanted in the basal layer of the epidermis, so that the pigment is fixed in the epidermis, forming a variety of pigment combinations of exquisite patterns and text, to modify the skin, cover the role of epidermal scar.Tattoo Accessories