Tattoo Accessories Bring You Know Tattoo Culture

     Tattoo is the predecessor of tattoos, tattoo machine is not yet appear, with a needle stained with ink on the body of a needle to stab the pattern, the pattern more to the social atmosphere heavier soldier will, the Dragon Tiger mainly, many people are in the prison to do, because tattoos only black, is not specialized tattoo pigment, time long color will blue hair, so also called tattoos. Since the pre-Qin era, tattooing is a warning to the prisoner's face deficit. In ancient classics, there have been tattoos, the body, Zaqing, point Green, carved green and other stories, such as mother-in-law deficit. "Outlaws of the Marsh", at least three of the important role of tattoos: Have Lu, nine Dragon Shin and prodigal son yanqing. Ancient Egypt more use tattoos to draw the social status, the British Victorian women popular in the lip of the text red, similar to the modern text lip, eyebrow and other permanent make-up beauty way. So the tattoo began to slowly break away from the part of the penalty to make a negative impression on the tattoo, a kind of personal decoration.Tattoo Accessories
    In many cultures, tattoos are a tradition and a symbol of social class and status. And tattoo is based on the development of tattoos, to take electric tattoo machine, special color materials, rich colors, patterns are more. With the development of society, tattooing has become a multi-disciplinary art form. In this era, tattoos are not a big deal, we are more and more willing to put their faith, the meaning of the text thorn in the body, but after all is not a trifling tattoo, of course, need to deliberate, still hesitate to stab in which part? Want to stab in a more special place? Then consider the 4 kinds of "joint parts" of the tattoo inspiration, really special and eye-sucking!Tattoo Accessories
    Are the accessories for the tattoo machine universal? Can be installed to see whether the two specifications are the same, before the general points of the tooth front fork and no teeth before the fork, the front fork tube caliber has 25.4 and 28.6 and 31.8, and many other specifications, specifications are different words can not be universal, seat tube and the same. After the dial after the screw-type after dialing and the hook-type after the two kinds of dial to the frame requirements are different, also can not be universal. In addition to the length of the axis and so on, other things can be general.Tattoo Accessories