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Treatment features: blue widescreen LCD display, standard computer automatic counter. The use of German imports of the cavity, high frequency pure green light technology. Automatic water temperature protection. (Jane, Fan) Britain, Japan, Korea four language switching mode, more suitable for overseas customers. Do not damage the normal skin, do not produce scars, without anesthesia, eliminate more thoroughly pigmentation. Unique cooling system designed to make continuous working hours longer.Tattoo Accessories

The principle of treatment The use of laser blasting effect, the laser effectively penetrate the epidermis, to reach the dermis pigment group, due to the role of laser time is very short (only a few nanoseconds) high energy, pigment group in an instant absorption of high energy After the rapid expansion of the laser, broken into small particles, these small particles by the body of macrophages phagocytosis excreted, the pigment gradually fades disappear, and ultimately achieve the purpose of treatment.Tattoo Accessories

After the laser can be mildly red, light brown scab, pay attention to the wound protection, cleaning can be used to lubricate YAO objects, prohibit the early scab, let themselves fall off. Face about half a month after the special mask treatment. Treatment of the sun more sensitive, so within three months after treatment should avoid the sun, if necessary, should use sunscreen YAO water. 3 weeks before treatment to avoid the sun, so as not to hinder the treatment effect. Tattoo Accessories

In the first week of laser treatment, should avoid taking aspirin like YAO objects, to prevent easy bleeding. In addition, there are two cases in particular to attract attention: the patient for the scar body, it is possible to leave ugly scar, do laser treatment to be careful, once the problem, to the doctor where to seek a positive treatment.Tattoo Accessories