Tattoo Accessories Teach You How To Use The Tattoo Machine

     A tattoo machine is a machine that must be used for tattooing, though its structure is simple, but it is the necessity of the tattoo industry, plays an extremely important role, the following talk about the use and debugging of tattoo machine: Tattoo machine adjustment has the following links: Front shrapnel, after the shrapnel, the spacing, contact screws, damping ring, the position of the coil, rubber bands, etc. All the adjustments revolve around two factors, frequency and intensity.Tattoo Accessories

    Front shrapnel: long and narrow thickness of soft hard and bending angle will affect the frequency and intensity of the machine. Long, narrow, thin, soft, bending angle low will allow the machine frequency to become slow, the intensity becomes bigger. Conversely, the frequency becomes faster and the power becomes smaller. Damping ring: Soft and hard, thin, soft let the frequency slow, the strength becomes larger. Versa。 In fact, the shock absorber ring is the extension of the former shrapnel, good before the shrapnel can even do not shock-absorbing coil, so before the power of the shrapnel to maximize the strength, the largest.Tattoo Accessories

    Contact Screws: Contact point position closer to the front of the tip of the shrapnel, the slower the frequency, the greater the intensity, and vice versa. The tighter the pressure of the contact screws the smaller the force, the faster the frequency. Recommended contact screws as far as possible, touch the shrapnel, at most one to two laps, so that the shrapnel to play its maximum power. After the shrapnel: the width of the soft and hard and bending angle will affect the machine frequency, intensity, and the length of the needle. Narrow, thin, soft will make the machine frequency slows down, the strength becomes bigger. Conversely, the frequency becomes faster and the strength becomes smaller. The greater the bending angle the longer the needle, the greater the power of the machine, the slower the frequency, and vice versa.Tattoo Accessories

   After spacing: refers to the distance between the back of the machine and the armature, in fact, this distance is to change the length of the shrapnel, can be achieved through several ways to adjust the length of the suspension, the size of the rear shrapnel plate, the back of the shrapnel, the three can be changed after the spacing. The larger the spacing, the slower the frequency, and vice versa.Tattoo Accessories

   The position of the coil: The Front circle (near the needle of the coil) more strong, before and after the distance between the coil greater strength. It is recommended that the front coil be as far as possible. Suspension Iron: The material, the length and severity of the suspension, the longer the iron, the heavier the intensity, the slower the frequency. The better the magnetic material, the better the suspension iron. Rubber bands: as little as possible, as long as the needle can control the beating can be, the correct way to load the needle to reduce the beat, so that only need one or two rubber band.Tattoo Accessories

   In general, tattoo color, totem need machine strength, frequency slow, tattoo black and white tradition and sketch need machine strength small, frequency fast. You can adjust your own machine according to the above rules.Tattoo Accessories