Tattoo Accessories Tell You About Tattoos Before And After The Notes

      Product Composition: Laser beauty equipment by Optical road system, power system, computer control system, cooling system, etc., optical road system installed in the operation of the gun shell, power supply, control, cooling system installed in the Power box. Tattoo Accessories

      Technical parameters: Ultra Pulse laser tattoo mechanism, vertical laser tattoo beauty instrument by optical path system, power system, computer control system, cooling system, etc., optical road system installed in the operation of the gun shell, power supply, control, cooling system installed in the Power box.Tattoo Accessories

      By using laser blasting effect, the laser effectively penetrates the epidermis, and can reach the pigment group of the dermis layer, because the laser's acting time is very short (only a few nanoseconds) the energy is extremely high, the pigment regiment quickly absorbs the high-energy laser after the rapid expansion, burst into small particles, these small particles were swallowed by the macrophages in the body outside the body, The pigment gradually fades away, finally achieves the treatment goal.Tattoo Accessories

      As a result of laser instantaneous high energy irradiation, a part of the superficial skin pigment immediately ejected in vitro, the other part of the deep tissue is evenly arranged to the epidermis, so there is a short time after the operation of color and response; the treatment of deep tissue color layer, as a result of melanin on the intense absorption of laser energy, may produce local redness, blisters Tattoo Accessories

      Even the formation of bleeding point of blood, these belong to the normal inflammation of the organization, and the severity of local inflammation varies from person to person, the inflammation after the touch of the tissue may appear itching, tissue hair hard feeling. In general, all the bad feelings within 3-7 days after the operation will disappear, individual due to physical reasons may continue to be 1-3 months of time.Tattoo Accessories