Tattoo Accessories Tell You The Operation Process

    In the treatment, the operator holds the laser handle as far as possible to form a 90 degree right angle with the treatment site, to ensure the laser vertical light, reduce the loss of laser energy, wash eyebrow, eyeliner, lip line, the light points should be superimposed translation form straight line; the stain mole should take the facet integral passes the treatment, each treatment a small part, then requires this part to do the blood seepage phenomenon.Tattoo Accessories

    As a result of laser instantaneous high energy irradiation, a part of the superficial skin pigment immediately ejected in vitro, the other part of the deep tissue is evenly arranged to the epidermis, so there is a short time after the operation of color and response; the treatment of deep tissue color layer, as a result of melanin on the intense absorption of laser energy, may produce local redness, blisters, Even the formation of bleeding point of blood, these belong to the normal inflammation of the organization, and the severity of local inflammation varies from person to person, the inflammation after the touch of the tissue may appear itching, tissue hair hard feeling. In general, all the bad feelings within 3-7 days after the operation will disappear, individual due to physical reasons may continue to be 1-3 months of time.Tattoo Accessories

    Optical factors should be considered in laser treatment, wavelength, spot area, energy density, energy density of irradiation angle = energy spot area. The greater the energy density, the stronger the ability to crush pigments, different wavelengths penetrate the depth of the skin, in the case of a certain wavelength, the larger the spot area, penetrating the deeper the skin depth.Tattoo Accessories

    With 1064nm laser treatment of black and blue pigment, in the treatment of deep tissue color layer, because of the intense absorption of melanin to laser energy, may produce strong pigment burst and accompanied by strong sound. A lighter-than-superficial group of pigments can burst out of the epidermis by absorbing energy. A few people with thinner cuticle are prone to oozing blood spots. The first time the laser treatment, the color of the organization will become very light, but after more than 10 minutes will be restored, which is the normal reaction of the organization.Tattoo Accessories

    Macrophage phagocytosis and transport function will continue for a long time, during this period the tissue color will gradually become lighter, the second treatment recommended (after the first treatment 1.5 months). Wash eyeliner because eye sensitive easy to appear tears, tears will absorb the laser to affect the effect, generally do two times.Tattoo Accessories