Tattoo Collection 2018: Guide To The Festival Of Tattoos

Tattoo Collection 2018: guide to the festival of tattoos

From 18 to 20 May, one of the most interesting and extraordinary events will take place here - the biggest tattoo festival in Ukraine Tattoo Collection.


Despite the clearly expressed thematic title, the festival will be interesting not only to those who already have on their bodies any drawing or plans to apply it in the near future, but also to those who just want to spend an interesting time and make their weekends more diverse.

Velocity of tattooed people

On Saturday morning the festival will begin with an unusual bike ride. Start in the park Shevchenko at 10 am. A column of people with tattoos will proceed to the main entrance of VDNG. To accompany cyclists will be a special tattooed patrol and personally head of the patrol police of Kiev Yuri Zozulya, who annually comes to the Tattoo Collection for a new tattoo. Anyone can join bike-parade, for participation it is enough to have any tattoo and bicycle.

The Battle for the Golden Machine Cup

More than 350 masters from Germany, Holland, Poland and even the United Arab Emirates will gather this weekend in Kiev to demonstrate their skills. Three days the tattoo artists will present their works to the public and the professional jury and fight for the grand prix of the festival Golden Machine Cup By the way, in the intervals between the competitions, the masters may have time, in order to inflict a tattoo on one of the visitors, we recommend not to miss the chance.

Free tattoos

The chance to make a good tattoo for free drops out infrequently. But visitors to the Tattoo Collection will have two. Extremes will be able to make a tattoo in the blind zone, where they will draw drawings according to the sketches of the old school founder Norman Collins. Piquancy lies in the fact that you can find out what sketch the tattoo artist has chosen only after it has already been packed.

For the second zone with free tattoos, Somersby responds. Here, guests of the Tattoo Collection will be able to choose one of the sketches depicting a basil leaf and apply it to their body for free. To get an appointment with the master in both zones will be possible in the order of the first line.

Tattoo Museum

All three days at the festival will be the exposition of the only tattoo museum in Central Eastern Europe, the Polish Tattoo Museum . At the festival, the guys will bring the work of the Burmese hand poke tattoo (Burman Tattoo Exhibition). By the way, the founder of the museum Petr Wojciechowski will also be at the festival and he will even be able to stuff a tattoo in the Burmese style.

The most pierced guest

This year, specifically on the Tattoo Collection will fly Iron Rolf - the most piercing person in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. Rolf's body is decorated with 481 punctures, 20 implants, scarification, split tongue, tattoos on the eyeballs, implanted magnets at the fingertips and other body modifications.

Breakdance and graffiti

During the Breaking Battles beatboxers contest, the visitors of the Tattoo Collection will be able not only to hear the best beatboxers and MSU of Ukraine, but also try their own forces in freestyle. In the beatbox zone, an open microphone will work, just for bold experiments.

In the dance battle for the title of the best 16 teams of break-dancers from different cities of Ukraine will compete.

In the zone with graffiti Pabst Blue Ribbon - you can do Pabst-vandalism by digesting real minivans. There will also be a drawing, the winner of which will receive as a gift any tattoo that can be filled directly at the festival.


Well, what festival without music? There will be several scenes on the Tattoo Collection. In the afternoon DJ DJ Academy occupy the stage , and in the evening - clockwork rock bands and graduates of the X-factor show. The headliner of the festival this year will be Sergei Mikhalok, who, along with his new project, the Lyapis 98 Orchestra, will perform songs from the most famous album of the band Lyapis Trubetskoi You threw.

Food courts

To endure three festival days without food is quite difficult. Organizers of the Tattoo Collection understand this and the formation of food court approached responsibly. At the festival you can try: burgers, hot dogs, burito, seafood, desserts and vegetarian cuisine. In a word, no one will remain hungry.

Children's zone

While parents will choose a tattoo, children will not be bored either. At the Tattoo Collection will be organized a children's area where you can jump on the trampoline, take a dip in the bathroom with bright balls, play table games and ride a gyroscope and apply a temporary tattoo or a bright body painting.

Thematic master classes

This activity will be interesting, first of all to practicing masters. On May 18 and 20 they will be able to find out everything about disinfection and sterilization of the workplace in the tattoo salon, and on May 19, visit the master class on creating a tattoo in the style of  Black & Gray , which will be conducted by the master of the Polish studio Voice of Ink Sergei Butenko.

Good deed

10 UAH from each sold ticket for the Tattoo Collection will be transferred to the Bachiti fund's account by the server . The main goal of this organization is comprehensive support of families raising children with severe developmental disabilities, assistance in providing them with complex physical, social, pedagogical, psychological, legal and domestic assistance. Therefore, getting tickets for the festival, everyone gets a chance not just to have fun, but to make the world a little kinder.