Tattoo How Long It Can Take A Bath

After the tattoo is completed, touch water, bathe, shower but only a short time, will not affect the recovery of tattoos, not to provoke tattoo inflammation. Generally, the tattoo is completed, tattoo artist that will disinfect the wound, tattoo with tattoo ointment, apply a maintenance ointment to strengthen recovery tattoo wound and bandage the wound with plastic wrap, for about 3 hours, to remove plastic wrap, wash the wound with water, wash the tattoo wound secretion of tissue fluid and serum in the little capillaries. Tattoo parlors stressed after the tattoo is completed in Chongqing, tattoo needle is not closed within 3 hours, the secretion of tissue fluid more, and therefore they needed to bandage the wound with plastic wrap, but also reduce tattoo wound pain due to injuries and lose moisture. Skin in the tattooing process will show some skin tissue fluid and serum in the little capillaries, and bacteria and dust in the air will cling to the skin. When the tattoo is completed, the skin tissue fluid will solidify, easy tattoo process bacteria adsorption on the skin and dust constantly. If not washed off recovery of the tattoo is bad. Cleaning wash skin secretion from cells to avoid scarring, prevent fading. Thus in the tattoo, wash the tattoo wounds will not provoke inflammation, but will make tattoo recovered faster and better.