Tattoo Machine Devas With Precautions

     Clean output lens: the rear of the sight is fitted with an output lens, and it is recommended that each treatment be completed to check if the surface of the lens is attached. If so, please remove the output lens and rub it with a cotton swab. It is recommended that the machine be changed for one time after 1-2 months, which can increase the service life of the machine. Warning: It is strictly forbidden to check and clean the output lens in the boot state, to replenish cooling water: After 2-3 months of general use, attention is paid to observing the cooling water level from the water level observation hole. If the cooling water level is below the waterline (under shutdown), inject water into the water tank with a syringe from the cover hole to the water line position.Tattoo Machine

   Coolant must be distilled water! It is recommended to use a hospital preparation distilled water or other brand purified waters, and keep in mind that water or other substandard foreign water is not available. Special NOTE: This machine has the anti-interference measure in the software program, when turning on, the computer may automatically reset and the system restarts when the suspended state is converted to preparation state or when the outside interference is too large. In case of an unexpected power outage, the software program of this machine has a protection function, and then the boot is generally a minute later.Tattoo Machine

   Power up: Connect the power cord to the power supply. Power-on: Confirm the emergency stop switch button in the lift position. Insert the key into the lock switch, turn to the boot state, at this time the machine consumes the pump operation, the system enters the standby state. Laser output: Press the first key on the boot, so that the system into the preparation state. Select Set 1 2 3 4 5 6 Hz to the appropriate level by the fourth frequency key. Adjust the energy to the appropriate degree by the second third key.Tattoo Machine

   After the gun is aimed at the treatment site, step pedal is the output laser, release the pedal when the laser stop output. When the system is working, avoid the gun head to the dangerous parts (such as people's eyes) in order to avoid accidentally stepping on the pedal, laser output caused the accident, each treatment must first leave the pedal.Tattoo Machine