Tattoo Machine Tattoo History

   Detailed description:

1, shrapnel: new composite steel, with anti-fatigue, continuous work 10 hours flexibility unchanged.Tattoo Machine

2, the import standard copper wire 10 coil and 47uf capacitor value, the machine stable operation

3, wire: medical silicone tube, a fire rating

4, special core: 10 hours of continuous work, long lasting magnetic stability, not hot

5, the working voltage - start voltage 4v start 6V-8v work

Rack carved, after high temperature processing, hand-polished, the details of the production of fine, Smart Smart. Speed 35000 / min, the performance is extremely stable, not hot, is the first choice for professional tattoo division.

    The origin of the tattoo machine, the early tattoo is called tattoo, because at that time belong to the hand monochrome piercing the skin operation, pattern color recovery is good after showing the majority of cyan, so named tattoo, is Sam * Aurui 1892 invention electric tattoo machine equipment, From the modern tattoos into the rapid development, only a little bit of pain, and its speed, simple tattoo a few minutes just fine.Tattoo Machine

    Early tattoo machine rough equipment, mostly hand-made, handmade high cost, pattern single, when the electric tattoo machine beat 1000 times per minute, only thorns and skin skin, the depth of only 0.8-1 mm. Now tattoo machine manufacturing has reached the point of consummate, electric tattoo machine beating 30000 times per minute, large-scale production and processing has been tattoo machine low prices, the world's tattoo division practitioners also will continue to increase.Tattoo Machine