Tattoo Needles Related Issues And Solutions

      The disposable needle mouth of the tattoo needle, which includes a cavity of the needle nozzle body, a needle connection part arranged at the bottom of the needle nozzle body is provided with a injecting nozzle connected with the cavity in the needle nozzle body, and a needle hole is arranged on the connecting part of the needle, and the needle Jack is communicated with the cavity. Tattoo Needles

      The needle mouth body can be connected with the handle of the tattoo machine, needle connector for the installation of needle needles, tattoo operation color liquid can be injected into the cavity from the mouth, and then from the needle hole to the tattoo site, because the disposable needle mouth set independently, easy to operate the machine, and after use only to replace the needle nozzle can reduce the cost of use Tattoo Needles

     The needle is in the operation of a needle with some hanging meat phenomenon this is because the machine did not test the one because the tattoo machine is too short of the needle tip not enough room for expansion causes the needle to vibrate in situ, causing the needle to be disadvantageous. The needle sticks out too short into the needle so that the tip of the retract directly touches the skin and hinders the needle. It is because the speed of the machine is not adjusted fast enough to cause the line to appear jumping point.Tattoo Needles

     What are the causes of discoloration or not coloring? First, acupuncture is too shallow, into the depth of the needle to reach the basal layer of the epidermis, the skin's elastic fiber can not effectively lock the pigment granules, because of the skin's metabolism, a layer of peeling off, resulting in a pale pigment, two skin surface polished too broken, that is, the wound is too large, elastic fiber too damaged, the wound is not easy to recover, Can not effectively lock pigment particles, so the tattoo is not the number of colors, the brighter the color, but with the minimum number of times, the smallest wound to reach the most saturated color.Tattoo Needles