Tattoo Needles Should Be Zado Deep

Now most of the tattoo division, secant when the depth of the tattoo needles are generally controlled in the 1.5MM to 3.0MM or so, buried needles will be shorter. Embedding needle suitable for traditional secant, European and American tattoos are generally water line, not stained with ink only water. Traditional tattoo machine in the fog when the depth of the tattoo control in the 1.5MM and 3.5MM around, the secant needle is very small resistance, so the secant needle should not be too deep, for the ttattoo needles best use of cantilever secant method. Hanging needle secant is the tattoo needle to the needle out of the 3MM around, but in the skin only 1.5MM and 1.5MM in the outside of the needle mouth, so that the beginner can clearly see the tattoo needle and line cut to where.

Tattoo When the mist is the opposite of the secant, the needle in the fog is usually a single row of tattoo needles, double rows of needles and curved needles, and the needle needle area big resistance is also big, so it is not easy to puncture into the skin, this requires the Tattoo Division long-term Combat and practice and your own tattoo machine speed to adjust, usually the tattoo of the power supply is bigger than the secant. Unless tattoos and portrait tattoos in Europe and the United States, because the portrait tattoo and Europe and the United States tattoo power supply to adjust a little bit, the best way to play the circle, 1.1 points of grinding, please remember the beginner, the portrait of the fog is slowly grinding out, not quick to play out.

Do the traditional board mist tattoo is a bit like the feeling of brushing the skin with a brush, the flexibility of the needle will also reflect the better, the use of a good method will appear ever-changing stereo effect. As for the traditional way to do the fog is to use a circle, or to use the method of pushing forward is entirely to see their own habits, both methods are possible, but the effect of these two approaches is completely different.