Tattoo Process Causes

Why tattoo a tattoo place could be raised? cause tattoo highlighted that the main causes of the categories 1, the use of color are defective, substandard. 2, your skin is allergic effect pigments, black allergies are rare, mostly red irritation may exist. 3, tattoo artist for technical reasons, or too much horsepower, pin hook, needle deep needling into the DermIS layer of proliferation, the right depth is only the skin, the best is a combination of the epidermis and the DermIS layer, does not hurt to the dermis. 4, caused by their own physical conditions such as severe scarring system.
If is the 3rd cause of scar itching softening cream removed, takes a long time to just go; if it is a small area of allergy free "mometasone Furoate eloson" ointment! or lotion.
So the tattoo to be careful, be sure to choose a formal and professional tattoo body, in all its aspects in order to be guaranteed.