Tattoo Script Method Of How To Draw Figures

Tattoo works is characters or ghost of image, in these image in the except focus of facial image to do highlight and deepening of description outside, hand of image also occupation with quite important of location, a site picture in the hand of image after face of image, can put hand description have vivid up, whole picture also will with of became more vivid, but many people opponents of image description are is loss, painting of people has sentence words, called "painting tree difficult painting Liu, painting people difficult hand painted. "
Indeed, the hands are hard to draw, due to the hand in the expression of emotion in the picture is an extremely lively and very complex, dynamic and ever-changing. How can draw good "hand"? and you go through a lot of practice, and to understand the structures of the hand, but to learn and copy it? it's really quite simple, and everyone has a hand, your hand is your biggest model, gives my hand a posturing, according to pictures, it is very easy to do. If it is difficult to stop in the early draw "hand", we are able to teach you a relatively simple way, first with a pencil outline hand drawing, there are no extra lines, but as they're lighter. After the rough outlines are ready, use a pen, pencil outline based on the correct lines and delicate paintings, as pencil outline of a draft first, and will be able to draw very accurate tracing of lines. Draw then the pencil lines with an eraser to wipe clean, so that an accurate and vivid hand painted.