Tattoos Could Help Jobseekers Find Work

Having a visible tattoo may increase jobseeker's chances of getting hired, new research has found.

Applicants with body art on show may be more attractive to employers in places like bars and 'trendy' shops, research revealed.

Some managers reportedly believe hiring staff with tattoos could attract younger customers.

Dr Andrew Timming, of the University of St Andrews, said tattoos could be used as an “effective marketing and branding tool”.

He added: "Visibly tattooed job applicants can present as attractive candidates in the labour market because they can help to positively convey an organisation's image or brand, particularly in firms that seek to target a younger, edgier demographic of customer.

"Tattoos, especially in pop culture industries such as fashion retail, are an effective marketing and branding tool.

"Body art can be seen as an asset in the labour market, as long as an applicant's tattoos are compatible with the organisation's wider brand personality.

"Previous research has focused on the negative effects of tattoos on one's employment chances, but the idea that body art can improve job prospects has, until now, been largely neglected."


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