Tattoos In Detail

Modern tattoo art is to tattoo needle do for carrier, will tattoo color material injected skin Xia (epidermal following leather layer above), about for skin Xia 2MM of location, and formed permanent pattern of a art form. tattoo Shi, tattoo Division using tattoo machine led tattoo needle dip take tattoo pigment for drawing operation, tattoo needle in tattoo machine of led Xia do upper and lower vertical high-speed running to needle points constitute line or surface will tattoo color thorn into intradermal, due to is using tattoo needle for operation, tattoo clockwise will on skin caused must minor injury of, Tattoo tattoo will appear red and swollen, and will appear in the next 3-10 days of recovery scabs and molting phenomenon.

Tattoo pigment is a special pigment for tattoos, usually a plant pigment, is harmless to the human body with the tattoo products now being perfect, basically tattoo you want in the color you want to do. Above tattoo today can like painting as draws out very complex and the realistic of pattern. tattoo is a door high-tech process, for tattoo division operation of techniques different, so making of tattoo effect is not consistent. tattoo Division must has must of painting based combined right of tattoo techniques, to made fine, and realistic, and color bright, and lasting effect of tattoo, so tattoo Division of capacity is not is same of. so you to carefully select you to tattoo of tattoo Division.