The Historical Development Of Tattoo Machine

     Tattoo Machine History: The origin of the tattoo machine, the early tattoo is called tattoos, because at that time belongs to the manual monochrome piercing skin operation, after the color of the pattern is restored, it is mostly cyan, so the name is tattoo, it is Sam * Aurilly 1892 the Invention of Electric tattoo machine equipment, from this modern tattoo into a rapid development, only a little bit of pain, and its speed, simple tattoo a few minutes good. Early tattoo machine equipment rough, mostly handmade, handmade manufacturing costs, a single pattern, when the electric tattoo machine beats 1000 times per minute, only thorns and skin epidermis, depth only 0.8-1 mm. Now the manufacture of tattoo machine has reached the point of perfection, electric tattoo machine beats 30,000 times a minute, large-scale production and processing has made the price of tattoo machine, the number of tattoo practitioners around the world has also increased.Tattoo Machine
    Work tattoo needle high-speed and uniform puncture epidermis layer, tattoo pigment implanted in the basal layer of the epidermis, so that the pigment is fixed in the epidermis, forming a variety of pigment combinations of exquisite patterns and text, to modify the skin, cover the role of epidermal scar. Tattoo machine by the tattoo fuselage frame has stamping, casting, wire cutting, manual welding differences, magnetic field coil, capacitance, vibration suspension iron, shrapnel, adjusting the top screw screws and other components, indispensable. Line machine: The request is the needle quick and back needle also fast, so that will not hang skin! The requirements of the fog machine is not the same, according to the habit of every tattoo division! This, is the machine that all mass production cannot do! In general, we are in the accommodation of the machine (speed, strength, flexibility) speed and flexibility, with the user of the decisive nature of the needle, the strength is related to the user's habits.Tattoo Machine
    Any new purchase machine can be made only fine adjustment, its fundamental nature, as early as the factory when it has been qualitatively!! Fine-tuning. This is directly related to the clearance, the shrapnel force. According to the habits of each individual, and the nature of the guest's skin! Europeans have thicker skin than Asians, which is why foreign tattoo artists have been chasing big space. When not in use, the damping ring is loosened, so as to avoid the change of power! Then again, if the contact is frayed, use a new paper clip to pull back and forth a few times between the contact point and the shrapnel.Tattoo Machine