The Mechanical Parameters Of The Tattoo Machine

Instantly emits high energy with a laser to break the pigment of the diseased tissue. That is, the principle of laser blasting: laser gathered high-energy instantaneous emission, making a fixed wavelength of laser in a very short period of time (only 6ns) instantly penetrate the epidermis to reach the lesion, quickly crush the corresponding pigment, the corresponding pigment group heated rapid expansion instantaneous blasting Fragmentation, part of the (superficial) pigment group successively populated in vitro.Tattoo Machine

Part of the (based on the organization) pigment group can be broken into macrophages can be phagocytosis of small particles, macrophages digested, and ultimately through the human lymphatic system circulation from the body, the pathological changes in the pigment will gradually fade until Disappeared, and the surrounding normal skin tissue does not absorb any damage due to the absorption of a fixed wavelength of laser. W3 laser tattoo machine.Tattoo Machine Laser tattoo tattoo machine is equipped with sophisticated laser optical system, the process must be used to provide the original shock absorber package, or it may lead to the laser system disorders, the impact of laser output energy! After the boot, please pay attention to listen to the water circulation within the gun body, such as water cycle will cause the machine to be scrapped. Operation process attention to treatment handle should not overheat, such as the operation time is too long gun body appears warm condition, immediately stop cooling, otherwise there will be machine scrap.Tattoo Machine

As the laser instantaneous high-energy irradiation, part of the shallow skin part of the pigment was immediately ejected in the body, the other part of the deep tissue is evenly arranged to the epidermis, so after a short period of time the color has a reply; treatment pattern layer deep Of the organization, due to the strong absorption of melanin on the laser energy, may produce local swelling, blisters, and even the formation of bleeding bleeding, these are the normal inflammation of the organization, and local inflammation severity varies from person to person, After touching the organization may appear itching, the organization feels hard. In general, all the bad feelings within 3-7 days after surgery will disappear, individual for physical reasons may last for 1-3 months.Tattoo Machine