Tips For Using Tattoo Needles

            Tattoo practitioners in the process of tattoo, the number of tattoo needles and speed frequency is proportional to the number of needles less speed, the more the needle number speed faster, but sometimes also depends on the need. Tattoo color presentation and tattoo needle number, speed and penetration of the depth of the relationship, tattoo machine can be in the shrapnel and point of contact with the electromagnetic coil flexibility to make a suitable adjustment, but also in the tattoo pigment concentration to make a suitable dilution. From this direction we can also extend the tattoo needle into the skin of another important point of key tattoo distribution.Tattoo Needles

            With a tattoo, for example, the best thing in theory is the average distribution of tattoo needles, and the color is clustered into large chunks by many small needle points. If the color swatch is made up of 1.1 small wounds, the damage to the skin will be relatively low, the best tattoo wounds should be slightly worse than abrasions, abrasions are the entire skin surface damage. We want to achieve the best tattoo effect should understand the tattoo machine puncture into the skin, the frequency of the needle and hand movement speed relationship.Tattoo Needles

             If one seconds tattoo machine out needle 10 times, that thorn into the skin at the same point does not move, is at the same point stabbed 10, forming a large point, if the hand in a straight line movement, it will form a straight line of 10 points, and the distance between the point and points will move faster and larger, the slower the smaller. Therefore, the frequency of the needle and the speed of the movement of the hand should be based on the needs of the graphic change and match. Mastering this principle will make you feel better about doing your tattoo. Tattoo machine in the fog unless necessary, otherwise can not be in the same place to pause, so we often use the action is constantly around or rotating fog. Many beginners will ask when the fog is in the end, around or the painting round of the way good, in fact, if we understand the frequency of the needle and hand speed of the relationship to understand as long as the needle point distribution of the average, the way is not the focus, you can change the way according to personal habits. Technology and methods are in constant progress and innovation, is the so-called: skills of everyone will change, ingenious each have different!Tattoo Needles