Tips For Using Tattoo Needles

    We know that the sharpness of the needle has this effect, we can infer the use of the method, in light of the shallow fog, the more sharp needle has a small advantage, as long as we avoid it easy to commit the missing, nature can puncture a beautiful light fog, a slight strength can pierce the skin too deep, we try to make it difficult to puncture into too deep. In the case of blunt needles, there is no easy to puncture the advantages, we have to avoid the needle point of large sense. In this way, the sharpness of the needle to start the association, you can deduce the thickness of the needle, quantity and arrangement of the different ways, the impact of the presentation will be different, followed by the existing tattoo techniques, the different kinds of needles to do an analysis.Tattoo Needles

    Single needle: Usually used in the shape of the delicate place, the advantages are easy to control, sharp enough to enter the needle, the strength does not have to be too heavy, so the speed of the tattoo machine does not adjust too fast, too sharp too fast to damage the skin overweight, slow speed control is very good, slowly can puncture a very delicate figure.

The disadvantage is that the pigment with a single needle penetrates the skin very little, the big color block area is not suitable with the single needle to stab, the infiltration pigment will not be thick enough, and the work completion time will be longer, and if the Tan speed secant, we must pay attention to the hand and tattoo machine fit to move, if the depth or pause too long, because the single needle too fast to cut many microvascular, The pigment can penetrate into the micro-vessel too much and cause the phenomenon of the subsequent halo.Tattoo Needles

    Three needles: This needle is the needle end of three needles combined into a single needle end, using the gap between the needle and needle to leave more pigments, puncture into the skin will have a very good infiltration effect, suitable for the use of the tattoo contour. Round stitch: With multiple needles into cylindrical round needles, the same between the needle and the gap between the needle will be stained with more pigments, and many needles form a needle surface, with five needles, speed can be stabbed out of the thicker lines, slow speed can also play small details of the light and dark color, 10-pin above, can quickly puncture a large area of color block, here is a point to note Tattoo Needles

    When multiple needles form a needle surface, the force area of the whole face is large, nature is not easy to puncture into the skin, will be stabbed in the shallow layer of the skin layer, in the shallow fog and light and dark levels of color is very good use, but if deliberately to puncture will thus wear bad skin surface and color effect, so not suitable for deep skin layer of the Thorn method.Tattoo Needles