To Plunge Into The Art Of Tattooing: Get Tattoo Festival Started In Vladivostok (PHOTO)

To plunge into the art of tattooing: Get Tattoo Festival started in Vladivostok (PHOTO)

On July 7 and 8, Vladivostok hosts the first tattoo festival, still young and not strengthened, but already loudly declaring itself. A bright youth event of the summer promises to gather about a thousand guests.

Since the morning of Friday, the Chkalov bar ( Admiral Fokina, 4a ) opened its doors to all connoisseurs of tattoo art, famous and beginning masters of the Far East, and also for those who have not yet had the courage to take part personally, but would like to be imbued with the atmosphere of the event.

Vladivostok Festival pushed artists in a kind of duel. Everyone wants to show their skills, but this does not interfere with the creation of a friendly atmosphere, but, on the contrary, pushes for unification and self-expression.

The reasons for visiting the festival for residents and visitors of the city are many - get acquainted with visiting masters, show their tattoos, look at other people's tattoos or make new tattoos in any style! Tattoos here also meet with old friends, advertise themselves, demonstrating their skills, and, of course, create a new audience.

Anyone can become a model in the contest, you only need to contact the master in advance and apply. Within the framework of the festival there are contests of "healed works" and works created in various directions from neo traditional to japan tattoo. This summer at the Get Tattoo festival the brightest and most popular representatives of the youth culture gathered.

Experienced master Yegor Hludnev , who works in the well-known styles new school and neo traditional, shared his opinion about the festival, emphasizing that this event contributes to the unification of artists throughout Primorye, thereby promoting tattoo culture to the masses and enlightening people in this work.

The festival helps to open up young talents, such as Valery Bochkarev . The experience of the young master is only one year, but her work is worthy of all praise, the participants note. At the tattoo festival, the girl works in different styles, including popular dotwork and linework.

"Despite the fact that everyone here is rivals, the atmosphere is family and friendly, everyone is ready to exchange and share experiences," the artist shares her impressions.

In addition, Valeria noted that such an event gives an opportunity for new acquaintances both with potential clients, and with eminent masters.

The main goal of the festival was to give every artist the opportunity to express himself and get a boost to further growth and development, and also to devote the seaside audience to the real art of tattooing.

The first day of the festival was completed by performances of popular rock bands in Vladivostok: My Little Grizzly, Allo, My Own Bullet. And at the closing of the event the monsters of the Khabarovsk stage The Starkillers played