Types Of Tattoo Needles And Their Usage

   The tool used to tattoo. Most of the needles are blunt tip, too sharp needle tip easy to scrape skin, damage to the skin is also relatively large, blunt tip color is good. (single row of needle f) generally used in trimming and decorative sharp corners, as well as very small graphics, large area of color is not commonly used. (double row of overlapping needle M2) because the needle density is relatively large, so the depth of the puncture into the skin is relatively shallow, suitable for doing very detailed fine mist. (Cross-row needle M1) most commonly used, the size of the needle is widely used, such a needle color is very good, can be light weight. (Circular pin RM) is very easy to use, especially in the light and shade changes when the effect is great, the fog effect is very uniform.
   Our needles are divided into RL M1 M2 rm F RS Six types of, RL and RS are round needles, the others are the pins, the RL is used for secant, the others are used for fog, M1 is the cross row needle, is now the domestic market use the most one kind of injections, M2 is the double row needle, the RM is the curved needle, the f is the single row needle, the f is most suitable to do the Totem RS is the round dozen fog needle.Tattoo Needles
   Tattoo When the mist is the opposite of the secant, the needle in the fog is usually a single row of needles, double rows of needles and curved needles, and the needle needle area big resistance is also big, so it is not easy to puncture into the skin, this requires the Tattoo Division long-term Combat and practice and your own tattoo machine speed to adjust, usually the tattoo of the power supply is bigger than the secant. Unless tattoos and portrait tattoos in Europe and the United States, because the portrait tattoo and Europe and the United States tattoo power supply to adjust a little bit, the best way to play the circle, 1.1 points of grinding, please remember the beginner, the portrait of the fog is slowly grinding out, not quick to play out.Tattoo Needles
    Do the traditional board mist tattoo is a bit like the feeling of brushing the skin with a brush, the flexibility of the needle will also reflect the better, the use of a good method will appear ever-changing stereo effect. As for the traditional way to do the fog is to use a circle, or to use the method of pushing forward is entirely to see their own habits, both methods are possible, but the effect of these two approaches is completely different.Tattoo Needles