Unique System Design Of Tattoo Machine

Pay attention to the hygienic text of the wound must take a bath every day to wash, but do not wash the time to rub the tattoo parts of the skin, because the bath is to seep out the body fluid and residual ointment wash clean, but should be careful not to use a stimulant bath, soap and other things, the other bath time should not be too long.Tattoo Machine 

Can take a shower, but not bathing, also not suitable for swimming, (please do not because someone will say just a few days after the tattoo can not bathe without washing, I said these are personal experience, if not wash will only knot very thick callus and recover slowly, very uncomfortable. )Tattoo Machine

Tattoo recovery process will itch, peeling and knot a thin layer of scab, are normal phenomenon, but do not use the hand to grasp the tattoo area, otherwise it will affect the color of tattoos. Skin recovery is good words generally 10 days or so will be cured, should be consciously protect the location of the tattoo (if the tattoo part of the skin injury, will affect the color, serious need complementary). and tattoo thoroughly before recovering as far as possible not to drink, do not eat seafood and spicy stimulating food, because these will cause the tattoo area redness, itching and even allergy symptoms, easy to tattoo caused adverse consequences.Tattoo Machine

Unique cooling system designed to make continuous working longer. Principle of treatment using laser blasting effect, laser effective penetration of the epidermis, can reach the dermis layer of the pigment group, because the laser's action time is very short (only a few nanoseconds) the energy is extremely high, the pigment regiment quickly absorbs the high-energy laser after the rapid expansion, burst into small particles, these small particles were swallowed by the macrophages in the body in vitro , the pigment gradually fades away, finally achieves the treatment goal.Tattoo Machine