Use Knowledge Of Tattoo Needles

First, the row of pins include:

    (M1) plug needle is the more commonly used needle is also very good to get started with a needle type because of the different arrangement of the needle wire by the majority of the tattoo division is the use of the cross-needle arrangement of the characteristics of fast Skin lesions small according to different tattoo "side" "corner" parts are better to do the most commonly used needle type 5M1 7M1 9M1 11M1 13M1 15M1 19M1 21M1 23M1 25M1 29M1 39M1 from small to large arrangement according to different tattoo selection different width of the needle.Tattoo Needles

Second, the tattoo needle should be how deep it?Tattoo Needles

    Now most of the tattoo division, cut the depth of the tattoo needle are generally controlled in 1.5MM to 3.0MM or so, buried needle tattoo needle will be shorter. Buried needle for the traditional secant line, European and American tattoos are generally water lines, do not dip ink only water. The traditional tattoo machine fog when the depth of the tattoo needle control in the 1.5MM and 3.5MM or so, cut the tattoo needle is very small resistance, so the cut needle should not be too deep, for tattoo beginners is best to use the method The

Three, hanging needle is tattoo needle transferred to the needle about 3MM, but tie in the skin which is only 1.5MM there 1.5MM leak in the mouth of the mouth, so that beginners can clearly see the tattoo needle and cut the line What position.

    Tattoo fog techniques and the needle, the tattoo fog is just the same time and secant is the opposite, the fog with the needle is usually a single row of needle, double needle and curved needle, and needle pin area resistance is also large, So it is not easy to pierce the skin, this need tattooist long-term combat and practice practice and your own tattoo machine speed to adjust, usually tattoo fog power is larger than the secant line. Unless it is the pattern of European and American tattoos and portrait tattoos, because the portrait tattoo and Europe and the United States tattoo fog power to keep a little smaller, the best circular approach, little by little grinding, please beginners keep in mind, the portrait is slowly grinding out Is not quick to play out.Tattoo Needles