Use Of Tattoo Needles

Tattoo needle needle is a multi-needle combination into a column, in use, the gap between the needle and the needle will stick more pigment, conducive to color, the needle and the needle to form a needle surface, the general Each fine needle thickness between 0.25-0.4, from the experience that 0.3--0.35 is the most commonly used, is also the best use, cut the needle to the middle of the most commonly used, too sharp and Too sharp tip is not ideal. To five needles, needle speed can pierce the thick lines, slow speed can also play a small detail of the dark and dark; and then more than ten knots, you can quickly pierce a large area of color.Tattoo Needles

Choose the best time to choose the tip of the needle to do the tip of the needle, such a needle because the needle is held together, there will be no bifurcation in the secant phenomenon. When the needle to form a needle surface, the entire face of the force area, naturally not easy to pierce the skin, will stab in the shallow skin, in the shallow fog and light and dark levels of color is very good use, but if deliberately to deepen Will thus worn the skin surface to make the color effect is poor, it is not suitable for deep skin layer of the thorn. The most commonly used models are: 3,5,7,9 and so on, too thin and too thick in the application process is not very good results.Tattoo Needles

In fact, tattoo is also a big thing, not a small look.If good tattoos will make you tirelessly, give you a pleasure, a power, a pride and self-confidence, but also can play the role of scars cover; And the poor tattoo will make you regret life, make you feel rogue and helpless, so I suggest you before the tattoo must choose a reliable tattooist.Tattoo Needles

Tattoo before the sleep enough to eat enough to ensure that energetic, tattoos will not be painful, do not fear, so as to avoid psychological stress and tension. In fact, just a feeling of Ma Ma is that people can accept the kind of pain, after a lot of people said after the finish: "I did not imagine the pain, pain and happy with."Tattoo Needles