W3 Laser Tattoo Machine

              W3 Laser tattoo machine uses the gem-Q mode, the use of laser instantaneous emission of high energy effective crushing lesions of the pigment tissue. namely laser blasting principle: The laser gathers the high energy instantaneous launch, causes the fixed wavelength laser to penetrate the epidermis in very short time (only 6ns) momentarily to reach the diseased tissue, quickly crushed the corresponding pigment, the corresponding pigment regiment heats up the rapid expansion instantaneous bursting the fragmentation, part (superficial epidermis) the pigment regiment ejects in succession, part (based on the organization) The pigment regiment breaks into the fine granule which can be swallowed by the human body macrophages, after digesting by the Macrophage cell, finally through the human body's lymphatic system circulation eduction body outside, The pigment of diseased tissue will gradually fade to disappear, and the surrounding normal skin tissue does not cause any damage because of the laser without absorbing fixed wavelength.Tattoo Machine

             W3 Laser Tattoo machine features 1, blue widescreen LCD display, standard computer automatic counters. 2, using German into the oral cavity, high frequency pure green light technology. 3, water temperature automatic protection. 4, in the (simple, complex) English, Japanese, Korean four languages switching mode, more suitable for overseas customers 5, do not damage the normal skin, do not produce scars, remove pigment more thorough. 6, the new cooling system, air-cooled + water-cooled + built-in closed circulation air-cooled, so that the continuous working time longer. 7, Portable washing tattoo machine small size, convenient handling.Tattoo Machine

            Need to pay attention to the use of matters 1, laser tattoo machine equipped with precision laser optical system, handling process must be used to provide the original damping packaging, otherwise it may cause the laser system imbalance, affect the laser output energy! 2, after the boot, please pay attention to listen to the body of the gun water circulation, such as bad water circulation will cause the whole machine scrapped. The operation of attention to the treatment of the handle should not overheat, such as the operation of the long pike body temperature, immediately stop cooling, otherwise the machine will appear scrapped. 3, the square head of 532 treatment head (coffee, red, brown, Brown.) ) Round head for 1064 treatment head (black, green, demi-green. 4, the operation of the product handle the shell is equipped with sophisticated, fragile laser devices, placement and use of precautions to fall!Tattoo Machine