Weirdest Celebrity Tattoos From Cara Delevingne To Lady Gaga

Cara Delevingne doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head – she has them on her neck thanks to her latest unusual inking.

Delevingne, 24 – who has a lion on her finger and smiley faces on her big toes courtesy of Margot Robbie – has had two very realistic black and white eyes tattooed onto her neck.

The unusual body art was unveiled by tattoo artists Bang Bang NYC who uploaded a clip of their work to Instagram.

Fans were divided by her latest body art with one branding it “seriously awful”.

One user commented: “Seriously awful... Why would you do that to yourself? Rich ppl have zero taste. It's ugly and I'm glad I didn't make a permanent mistake that bad.... yuck!

Cheryl hit the headlines in 2014 when she unveiled a giant bunch of red roses on her behind. The work of “art” was criticised by her former Girls Aloud band mate Sarah Harding - who also has a questionable quote tattooed on her back: “Don’t be bitter – glitter.”

Teen pop stars Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and the One Direction boys shook their clean-cut images by decorating their bodies with quirky designs from Zayn Malik's Perrie Edwards tattoo to Harry Styles' “You Booze You Lose” slogan and Cyrus' sad yellow cat on her lips

Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt has a bizarre series of black lines on his back which Angelina Jolie confirmed were inspired by a doodle she did while they were bored. Pitt was so impressed with the piece that he got it permanently tattooed.

Fellow actor Ryan Gosling also opted for his own personal design but shunned a tattoo artist in favour of inking a monster’s hand dropping a bloody heart onto his own arm - but he later admitted that it looks more like a cactus.

Dappy and Mike Tyson took the plunge and tattooed their faces - Dappy with a hashtag so he 'trends forever' and Tyson with a huge tribal inking. Thankfully they're celebs, so it might not be an issue in a job interview.