Eyebrow Tattoo Machine With Cosmetic Digital Tattoo Pen

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Eyebrow Tattoo Machine with Cosmetic Digital Tattoo Pen

1. Model number:1002346

2. Adjust needle length exactly, perfect to control out of needle length.0mm~2mm available

3. With excellent speed adjustment, according to different operation to achieve to the perfect Rotational Speed, the highest could get to 35000r/min .

4. With a rechargeable battery, full power can be 90-110 minutes.

5. Voltage of power supply is 110V ~240V. International General 6. small noise, the noise has been dealed with less than 15 db.
7. Suitable for eyebrows, eyelids and lips,also for small tattoo design.

8. Retail,wholesale,OEM and ODM provided.


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